What happened to the “I will consistently write one post per week”? blahhh…my last post was in January. That was 3 months ago 😛

Like any regular human beings, life is happening. Emotions goin up and down like riding a roller coaster, new milestones occurring and lessons learned. There are happy days and happier days. And because life is balance, or you may say it’s fair, there are also crappy and crappier days. However, I think I’m growing wiser a little (about time…), because at the end of each day, I’m still able to count much more blessings than just complaining about my day. Alhamdulillah.

One day, years ago, when I went through a very rough phase, being my shoulder to cry on, Pandu told me that I should have an anchor and hold onto my anchor. I asked, “what do you mean by anchor?”. He said, “you surely have at least one happy moment in your life that made you oh-so-happy and that memory would bring such warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart every time you remember it. Whenever you’re feeling down, hold on to that anchor”.

Yesterday, I was listening to The Greatest Showman album while driving the kids to school.  It’s been a while since we last listened to the album. During December 17 – February 18, we listened to the albums religiously, like…(almost) every time we’re in the car! and also at home. We sang along, out loud and laughed because sometimes we (meaning: I!) couldn’t reach the note (plus my voice is terrible. y’all been warned). Now, listening to the songs in that album again after a while, brings back a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart and I closed my eyes for a while in the parking lot, absorbing the warm feeling inside and try to hold on to it for as long as possible. Among many heartbreaking moments in the last months of 2017, I had very good times with Pandu and the kids. Last December we went to Bali for a short holiday, we watched one too many family (or 13+, oops) movies in the theatre nearby, we bowled, played and sweat a lot in our neighbourhood. Since every December the kids are having their year end school holiday, so we get to spend more quality time together. It only makes perfect sense if I always treasure year-end moments, right?

Those moments are my anchor right now, with The Greatest Showman Album as soundtrack.

What about you, what is your anchor?

Actually, the easiest and guaranteed to be failproof is talking to God. This can be done through our daily prayer. Take time to really pour your heart out, cry if you want to. Because when everyone else is failing you, Allah will always be there. The only one to soothe you and give you peace of mind that everything will work out right in the end, if you believe.

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