Pandu gave me 4 novels as our 9th anniversary presents. The present symbolizes that he’s supporting me to do what I love, which is reading novels. One of the novels he gave me is Momzillas by Jill Kargman. I want to read this book since I gave birth to Nara, but it’s so hard to find in Jakarta. This is why he ordered it in Amazon, hehe. Reviewnya Harper’s Bazaar begini: “a sardonic and hugely witty peek inside the highly competitive world of the childrearing set on Manhattan’s Tony upper Read more [...]


No, not the movie 9 times of 26January 9 years since I said yes to him, back in 2001 26 January 2001 is also the date carved in our wedding ring instead of the wedding date I still remember the night and the story behind it so clearly Although I don’t remember his exact words :P (and he thinks I owe him my life for forgetting his line..ya abisss belibet dan panjanggg) Thanks, For asking me that night For the colors you bring into my life For always hold my hand through Read more [...]